AssetKit is brand-new 2D/3D asset importer, exporter and util library that is written in C language. C++ wrappers or other language bindings can be written in the future. This library will include common 3D util funcs.

Supported Formats

  • [x] COLLADA 1.4 and COLLADA 1.4.1
  • [x] COLLADA 1.5
  • [x] glTF 2.0 (Embedded or Separated (.gltf), Binary (.glb), Extensions…)
  • [x] Wavefront Obj (.obj + .mtl)
  • [x] STL (ASCII, Binary)
  • [x] PLY (ASCII, Binary)
  • [ ] USD and friends (License?)
  • [ ] Alembic (License?)
  • [ ] Draco
  • [ ] X3D
  • [x] in progress for next…


  • Very very small, very fast and flexible library
  • Single interface for glTF 2.0 (with extensions), COLLADA 1.4/1.4.1/1.5, Wavefront Obj and others…
  • Javascript-like API to get URL or ID obj = ak_getObjectById(doc, objectId)
  • Options to Generate Mesh Normals (Default: enabled)
  • Option to Triangulate Polygons (Default: enabled)
  • Option to change Coordinate System (Default: enabled)
  • Option to calculate Bounding Boxes (Default: enabled)
  • Unique and Flexible Coordinate System * Support multiple coordinate system * Can convert any coordinate system to another with adding transform or with changing transform, vertex data…
  • Unique and Flexible Memory Management System
    • Hierarchical unique memory management
    • When a node is freed then all sub memories will be freed
    • COLLADA’s sid and ID values are mapped to memory nodes itself to reduce memory size and make it easy to manage things.
    • Allow attach ID, sid or user data to a memory node
  • Object-based Asset support; resolve asset element for any element
  • Bugfix some DAE files
  • Will be optimized to be fastest, smallest and most flexible, extendible Asset loader.
  • and others…

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